Syllabus for Animal Behavior (Bio 170) with Barry Sinervo

Exam will be outside Barry's office on friday pm

Grades will be available monday

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Final Exam Key

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Based on Tutorials, Lab Reports, Term Paper, Midterm & Final




Dr. Barry Sinervo EMS A409, X3425  Tue 2-4 p
Kristi Brockway EMS A176, X3158 klbrock@cats  Mon 9:30 - 11:30
Joshua Elliott SINS 324, X3214 elliott@biology  Fri 10-12
Colleen Reichmuth coll@cats  TBA
Michelle Wainstein EMS D360, X4133 michelle@darwin  W 9:30 - 10:30; W 3:30- 4:30

Detailed Course Outline


Date Lecture Tutorial Papers/Laboratory Reading  
4/1 History & the Method Make sure you make it to one of the Sections (even if it isn't the one you are signed up for). Ch. 1  Q1:
4/3 Genes, Natural Selection and Selection Sexual Ch. 3, 8  Q2:
4/8 Levels of Selection

"Selection-on-Beans" Lab

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

p. 507-510  Q3:
4/10 Speciation Mechanisms  Q4:
4/15 Optimal Foraging Tutorial Reading: Levels of Selection -- Genic Selection by Dawkins

Ch. 11,

Ch. 10: pp 279-289

4/17 Male Strategies, Male Assessment and Territoriality

Ch. 13: pp 395-423

Ch. 10: pp 299-320

4/22 Female Strategies and Female Choice

Animal Behavior: Field observations, Field Trip

Lab Report on Unconcious Selection is Due in your section this week.

Grading for Bean Lab

Ch. 13: pp 424-444  Q7:
4/24 Mating Systems, Parental Investment

Ch. 14

Ch. 15

4/29 Dispersal and Migration Review for Midterm in Section

Ch. 6: pp 164-190

Ch. 10: pp 290-298

Ch. 5: pp 147-158

5/1 Sensory Systems and Communication Ch. 9  Q10:
5/6 Predator & Prey

Term Paper Workshop in Sections,

Barry runs Review Tues 8-9:30pm

Ch. 12

Ch. 5

5/8 Midterm

DUE DATE: Lab Report on Field Observations of Animal Behavior

Grading for Behavioral Observations Lab

5/13 Sex Determination and Differentiation Ch. 4  Q12:
5/15 Development, Genes, Environment and Behavior DUE DATE: Term Paper Abstract Ch. 2  Q13:
5/20 Learning and Cognition Tutorial Reading on Anthropomorphism Ch. 2  Q14:
5/22 Macroevolution and Phylogeny DUE DATE: Two Page Draft of Term Paper Ch. 7, and examples from 9  Q15:
5/27 NO LECTURE -- Exchange Day Tutorial Reading on Human Sexuality and Behavior  
5/29 Social Evolution Ch. 16  Q16:
6/3 Human Evolution Review Sessions in Section Ch. 17  Q17:
6/5 Review for the Final DUE DATE: Term Paper  
6/10 Final Exam -- 7:30-10:30 pm