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postdoctoral researchers

contact Melissa directly

please include in your inquiry a brief statement outlining how your research interests fit into the Jurica lab's work and your potential funding sources.

graduate students

apply to the Graduate Training Program in Biomedical Science and Engineering

undergraduate students

students looking for research experience may apply on a volunteer basis. please read the following tips before contacting Melissa:

Most of the MCD Biology faculty get several inquiries each quarter from undergraduates about doing research.  We have only a few spaces in our labs to provide this opportunity to students, so we want to give them to the most motivated and capable students.  If you send an email to someone about a research position you need to convince them of the following. Pay special attention to #2.  If you send an email that sounds generic, it will not be taken very seriously:
1.  Research experience is really important for you and your future plans.  Explain why.
2.  The professor’s research topic is something that really interests you.  Explain why you want to work with them in particular and learn about their research.  (Of course, this means you need to do your homework on this beforehand.)
3.  You are committed to working very hard in return for the time and energy it will take for them to train you to do even the most basic experiments.  Typically, I ask for at least a one year commitment.
4.  You are well prepared for this experience: explain how you’ve done well in your classes, how you’ve talked to other students about what it’s like to be in a lab, how you have space in your schedule to give a lab 10-15 hours of work/week.
 Good luck in your search!

also see Manny's unauthorized tips for setting up an independent research experience