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Welcome to the Virtual Reality Exploration of Lizardland


This project is funded by the Division of Integrative Biology and Neurobiology Panel, program in Animal Behavior,

and is a joint collaboration between the Sinervo Lab and Biogames


The Lizardland Trailer

featuring Dr. Lizardo, (QT movie, 8 min, 4.5 meg)

Dr. Lizardo Speaks


Get a few words of advice before you begin the game (QT movie, 2.4 meg).

Natural history basis of the rock-paper-scissors game

A brief pictographic overview of the male strategies and the rock-paper-scissors game where orange beats blue, yellow beats orange, blue beats yellow and orange beats blue to complete the cycle.

Video library of lizard behaviors

See videos of real lizard interactions before you begin the game, learn strategies from the experts -- Lizards!

Explore the Virtual Reality Lizardland

See six representative QTVR nodes that give you a glimpse of the landscapes of lizardland. We are currently working on and interactive game that takes place in this world.

People | LizardLand! | Teaching