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University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

September 2000



Associate Professor of Biology



1998- Associate Professor of Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

1997-1998 Assistant Professor of Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

1992-1997 Assistant Professor of Biology, Indiana University

1992-1993 Research Scientist III, Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

1990-1992 Research Associate, Department of Zoology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

1988-1990 Research Fellow, Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, University of California, Berkeley


1988 University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Ph.D., Zoology

1982 Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Combined HBSc in Biology/Mathematics (First Class Honors)



Papers published or in press or published

Alonzo, S.H. and Sinervo, B. 2000. Mate choice games, context-dependent good genes, and genetic cycles in the side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburiana. Behavioral Ecology Sociobiology. (in press)

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Co-Editor of book:

Adaptive Genetic Variation in the Wild. T.A. Mousseau, B. Sinervo, and J.A. Endler, eds. 2000. Oxford University Press, New York. 265 pages

Book Chapters

Sinervo, B. 2000. Selection in local neighborhoods, graininess of social environments, and the ecology of alternative strategies. In: Model Systems in Behavioral Ecology. L. Dugatkin, ed. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ. (in press)

Zamudio K, and Sinervo B. 2000. Ecological and social contexts for the evolution of alternative mating strategies, In: Lizard mating systems. S. Fox, T. Baird, and K. McCoy, eds, John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD. (in press)

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Sinervo, B. 1991. Experimental and comparative analyses of egg size of lizards. In: Proceedings of the IVth International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology. E. Dudley, ed. Dioscorides Press, Portland, OR. pp. 725-734.

Book Reviews

Sinervo, B. 1995. Review of Ecological Morphology: Integrative Organismal Biology, by P.C. Wainwright and S.M. Reilly. Trends in Ecology and Evolution.

Sinervo, B. 1995. Review of The Evolution of Life Histories: Theory and Analysis, by D.A. Roff. Animal Behavior.

Sinervo, B. 1992. Comparative oology review of Egg Incubation: Its Effects of Embryonic Development I Birds and Reptiles, by D.C. Deeming and M.W.J. Ferguson. Science.


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