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Anne Warner

U.C. Santa Cruz Ocean Sciences 

Ph.D. student (2009 Cohort)

B.S. Oberlin College, 2009


Anne is interested in taking an interdisciplinary approach to her coral reef studies.  She hopes to use her background in both geology and biology to look at broad-scale biological phenomena over a longer, more geologically meaningful timescale.  Her current work at Midway considers the atoll's sedimentology, and Anne hopes to continue this research, particularly through coring and other means of looking back in time to investigate how the reef's composition and structure has evolved and to perhaps find some indices of paleoclimate.


  • Sediment - Sediment Samples
  • Groundwater Discharge


  • Warner, A. 2009. Sediment production and distribution at Midway Atoll. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Oberlin College. (Abstract, Presentation)

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