University of California, Santa Cruz

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Integrated, multi-disciplinary, 6-year program of biological, geological, oceanographic and hydrological studies (Midway Research website)

Evaluation of potential linkages between land cover change, mangrove loss and degradation in nearshore water quality at adjacent coral reefs (S. Jupiter, Ph.D. research completed 2006)

Collaborations with UCSC Earth Sciences, LLNL and NASA Ames to explore novel applications of hyperspectral remote sensing imagery to address ecological and geological questions

Coral samples collected from drowned Pleistocene reefs (in Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, and Great Barrier Reef) used to refine sea level curves and subsidence rates

Multidisciplinary Studies of Midway Atoll's Coral Reefs

Hyperspectral Imaging Project: Ecological and Geobotanical Applications

Mangrove-Coral Ecosystem Connectivity in the context of Land Use Change

Drowned Fossil Reefs: Backstepping through Sea Level, Tectonic and Community Shifts