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MCD biology
RNA Center
past members

remember when we used to kick it

dr. kerstin effenberger
graduated with PhD in 2015, UCSC
now a scientist at PTC therapeutics

alia edington
graduated with B.S. in 2017, UCSC
working on master at sf state

eric berg
graduated with B.S. in 2016, UCSC
teching w/ Biolegend somewhere in socal

alicia romero
PREP scholar
working on phd at ucsd

swapnika chava
ugrad researcher

mayra rios
ugrad researcher

ramon martinez
graduated with B.S. in 2014, UCSC
working on pharm sci phd at u maryland

caree carson
graduated with B.S. in 2015, UCSC
working on phd at city of hope in lala land

conor williams
graduated with B.S. in 2015, UCSC
studying to be a "real" doctor in st. louis

david rey
back in davis, TBD

crystal prado
summer ACCESS student 2014
off to study at uc santa barbara

zane barret
graduated with B.S. in 2013, UCSC
teching in the bay

matt adams
graduated with B.S. in 2013, UCSC
in bay biotech
soon to be working on phd at ??

dr. janine ilagan
graduated with PhD in 2012, UCSC
postdoc at the hutch in seattle
back in the bay as a senior scientist at gritstone oncology

ivan cvitkovic
computing somewhere in seattle

dr. eva robinson
seq'ing rna in the brooke & carpenter labs

devin clunn
graduate with B.S. in 2012, UCSC
teching in the bay

thalia nieto
summer ACCESS student 2012
off to study at uc davis

ethan aguilar
graduated with B.S. 2012, UCSC
now a grad student loving immunology at uc davis- uh-hmmm

asst. prof. tara davis
running her own show at
Drexel University College of Medicine
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

veronica urabe
summer ACCESS student 2010
graduated with B.S. 2014, UCSC
back in the lab for her phd!

beth adams
graduated with B.S. 2011, UCSC
tech'ing in philly

mike rightmire
enjoying life in Germany

daniel quezada-garcia
graduated with B.S. 2011, UCSC
back in the bay

denise playdle
graduated with B.S. in 2009, UCSC
researching at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute
=> results!

dr. gabriel roybal
graduated with PhD in 2010, UCSC
working and counseling in San Fran and Chicago
startup man! GroupHub.io => TapGenes => next big thing!!

chris morrow
graduated with B.S. 2011, UCSC
graduate with M.S. UC Davis
working on phd at USC
water and chemistry man
roger bradley-jungemann
graduated with B.S. 2010, UCSC
programming in san fran

eric lau
graduated with B.S. 2010, UCSC
working on phd at University of Arizona

asst. prof. patricia coltri
see her website
Departamento de Biologia Celular e do Desenvolvimento
Cidade Universitaria,
Sao Paulo, brazil

patrick yuh
graduated with Masters 2008, UCSC
now a biology instructor, Gavilan College

ashley sanders
graduated with B.S. 2008
graduated with masters from SF State 2010

walter bray
graduated with Masters 2007, UCSC
now Director of the UCSC Chemical Screening Center

dr. john little
graduated with PhD 2008
editor of Biobase Yeast Protein Database in Spokane

eric alcid
finished his dr./dr. degree at the University of Washington
phd, check- 2015
md, check- 2017
residenting at ucsf

dr. shewit tekeste
graduated with B.S. 2008
graduate with PhD in 2014, UCLA
post-doc at NIH
now a staff scientist at NIH

matt slocum
started  B.S. at UCSC, finished at UCSD, 2011
now? linkedin says phys therapy in the bay

deauna mansfield
Registrar and Retreat Coordinator, Mount Cross

miriam pearman
summer ACCESS student
B.S. from UC Davis
M.S. in Exercise Physiology from West Virginia University
now Ph.D. candidate in Exercise Physiology at UT Austin

randy thiara
graduated with B.S. 2007
off to med school!
now em doc in fremont

nicole hetzer
graduated with B.S. 2004
heading to UT Austin for grad school

dr. ryan spitler
graduated with B.S. 2007 from UCSC
graduated with Ph.D. from UC Irvine
now a postdoc at Stanford and consulting in the bay

jessica pusser
graduated with B.S. 2006, UCSC
in san diego realty biz

attila yetkil
graduated Leeds University
doctoring back in london

nora opara
MBRS student
graduated with B.S. 2005, UCSC

oscar hernandez
UC LEADS student

nathan bahr
graduated with B.S. 2004, UCSC
working on phd at OHSU

david birdsall

two roads diverged
former rotation students

tiffani quan
hartzog lab

stephanie mcclymont
tamkun lab

jacob garrigues
strome lab

ben akiyama
stone lab

rebecca roha
ares lab

jillian miller
millhauser lab

josh schwochert
lokey lab

walter bogdanoff
dubois lab

kiyomi kaneshiro
strome lab

jeff swan
partch lab

francisco mendez
kellogg lab